With over 20 years of experience in the Property industry, we are best placed to advise, quote and complete all your property maintenance needs.

We have full-time maintenance teams that are focussed on managing your properties; as well as trusted professionals to do plumbing, building, electrical work, and the repairing of appliances. Having this reliable, proactive team of experts on hand gives us – and you – the peace of mind that we are managing your properties with the best resources available.

We pride ourselves on a fast response time to all enquiries and projects.

We believe in clean, effective, cost-efficient work, and in doing things right the first time.

All projects are under hands-on supervision. We are skilled in a large range of maintenance services, ranging from general repairs and home improvements to painting, wallpaper installation, drywall repairs and drywall installations, roof repairs and waterproofing. We can also assist with plumbing work, electrical work, home carpentry.

There is no job or task too big or too small for us to handle, whether it involves the interior or exterior of a property. We are always ready for “odd jobs” or “fix-up” tasks that you might have around the home or office.

We are also equipped for larger projects that require more planning and skills, like home improvements and renovations and construction tasks.


We ensure that you are always in the loop and informed about your particular property maintenance projects, we provide detailed information in your formal quote, take photographs (pre- and post-project), provide on-site inspections and supervision, ensure that everything is signed off while our maintenance teams are still on site.